Measurement of radiation may be banned in Japan | Fukushima Diary

Measurement of radiation may be banned in Japan


Measurement of radiation may be banned in Japan2

JP Gov is making legislative bill of Public security law

Japanese government killed Fukushima people and eastern Japanese by concealing SPEEDI for longer than 10 days.
For the next, Japanese government is making legislative bill of Public security law.

With this law,government is authorized to define what is secret.
You must serve a 10-year term in prison if you leak the secret. Government is to suppress the information.

In 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake struck. Old public security law was legislated the next year, 1924.
Japan started WWW2 13 years later, in 1937.

In this legislative bill, every ministry is allowed to define “secret” by themselves. Behind this movement, there is an intention of police bureaucrat to think it’s easier to control people fed with less information.

Because everything can be concealed in the name of public security, it can be restricted to measure radiation as well.

US has Anti-Espionage Act already. Japan and US made Generel Security of Military Information Agreement in 2007. Prof Tajima from Sophia University points out Japanese government might have been pressured by US government.

Actually, the similar legislative bill was made in 1985, but it didn’t include police information. In this meaning, the modern Public security law covers wider range. Japanese government failed in passing the bill in 1985, but they didn’t give it up.


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